Dinner at the Salish was really world-class.  And since it was Christmas Eve they even had carolers singing at the tables.  A truly magical atmosphere!

~ Michael M.

Having been at the Salish once for Christmastime dinner – I am a fan.  … The dinner was fantastic and the atmosphere, already great, made better with wandering carolers.

~ Anonymous

I love a cappella singing and these guys are excellent.  They also have great costumes and interact wonderfully with the audience.

~ James T.

The best thing about our experience at the Salish Lodge is the Silverbells Carolers.  They have been there with us through the years, and have been a memorable part of our tradition there.

~ Tim S.

The beautiful costumes and fabulous harmonies of The Silverbells Carolers really helped to put our customers in a buying mood, which made our vendors very happy!

~ Leslie O., Kent Holiday Bazaar

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